Our philosophy

What is more satisfying to let oneself be led by the strength of emotions? Which kind of awesomeness a place can release when you are able to abandon yourself?

Gardemotions turns to reality your ideas of travel and experiences in one of the most amazing historical and naturalistic places in the world. One ecosystem of opportunities and secret locations to be unveiled: all this is Garda Lake.
Gardemotions is Us.

Because we are here to create your travel as you dream, leaving an impression. If you are thinking about a moment of your life rich in adventures, or a simple escape from the everyday routine for a few days. Whether it is a unique event in an exclusive location or a desire to know the centenary culture and the delicate tastes of a region. In a few words, Gardemotions is discovery.

Who we are

Curious people, hungry for new experiences, who long to live simple emotions. We love the environment and we want to take care of it by protecting it, as it was our little baby. We believe in the slowness of a walk, in the pleasure of a dish and a scenery to contemplate. We take our time to see the lake transforming itself through the day. It inspires us to live electrifying hours of adrenalin. Grabbing a kite to surf, tasting a gratifying food, all the while thinking of what adventures will be next.

We have the talent to understand how certain emotions may become real adventures. So when you contact us, first we listen to your dreams, then we discuss the many options available to you. Finally we create the perfect trip for you.

You will arrive at your destination with all activities and experiences already organized. Stress free and ready to be freed. With special consideration, a professional manner and personal assistance to “take care” of you.

Where we started from

Federica, that is me, the person who writes, has always felt this trembling attraction towards change and the unknown. Since I was a little child I have loved to travel, but not only to simply check off a list of visited places. That instinct that I still feel has a name and is called Wanderlust. In the end, I realized I am not the only one who lives side by side with this desire of new experiences.

Indeed, I have tried to make any single phase of my life an occasion to move to a new place. I have to say that the final evaluation is totally positive. I savoured the taste of Asia, saw first-hand the contradictions of North America. Then I have lived in Africa, in South America and tried to explore the furthest and most varied corners of Europe.

After years of travel, I asked myself which was the place that was enshrining everything that really counts the most for me. Nature, changing seasons, tastes, traditions, history, culture, sport, adventure, hospitality, eco-sustainibility, respect for the past and desire to protect the future. And I found everything here, at home. Coming back here made me realize how rich the offerings of this place were. This is why I decided to marry my love in one of its beautiful Middle Age castles, reflecting out onto the lake’s waters. I desired that my little daughters were born among woods, olive trees and vineyards. For this reason and many others I understood that Garda Lake, with its simplicity, is a totality of emotions.
That is why Gardemotions.

How we work

With a tailor-made style, giving to you the initiative to choose what to do. Our consultancy is based on collecting your needs, in interpreting your exigencies to then plan and design. Every single aspect is changeable as many times as you like till you are wholy satisfied. Once the brief of the journey or event at Garda Lake is defined, we will organize everything you need. Including, if required but under no obligation, your accommodation, transfers, activities, courses, visits and itineraries. To live at best your journey or to live the biggest emotion on your wedding day, without being worried about “behind the scenes”.

We are flexible, we aim for quality and to a full customization of our service. We have fifteen years of experience in events organization, conventions, incentive travelling and themed corporate itineraries with high-level multinational companies. Our approach of high attention to detail is possible for both large and small groups of clients, even if we do prefer the cocoon approach to realize your dreams.