Where, places not to miss


While loving Garda Lake with all its countless proposals and aspects, we believe that these four places must be visited and lived as a top priority.
This page offers ideas on not to be missed locations for historical heritage, food and fascinating views. Where four special and authentic activities must be lived with emotional zeal to bring home a piece of the place’s soul.

limone sul garda

Limone sul Garda

Limone sul Garda. A place thas has been left isolated and uncontaminated for decades, it still appears as authentic thanks to its lively alleys and to the atmosphere of an old fishing village. Stone and wooden lemon houses where citrus trees were placed to be protected from the winter winds. A village perfumed with citrus and coloured by bougainvillea.

riva del garda

Riva del Garda

Riva del Garda. With a style between the Hapsburg and the Middle-European, it is a small town set among lake, river and mountain. With the elegance of a town of the North Europe and the warm and joyful atmosphere of the South, it is the right place to satisfy the thirst for culture and the hunger for outdoor sports and adventure. It is indeed a real open-air gym.



Malcesine del Garda. It has charmed famous writers, poets and wayfarers for centuries thanks to the position on the cliff overlooking the lake at the foot of Monte Baldo. Its proudness is the scenic medieval castle that palpitates energy. An enchanted place ideal to ‘say yes’ to the love of your life and to lose yourself to classical music in a summer evening concert. A magical spot that captured also Goethe who fell in love with the place.



Sirmione del Garda. Maria Callas too lived here, with its clear waters and lush nature. The ancient historical centre tells us of Romans and their traditions, like lazing in spas and breathing sulfurous air. A place therefore known worldwide for its natural hot springs, it is the perfect location to enjoy an experience of wellbeing and relaxation, while tasting samples of culture and history.