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Spa Cocoon

For those who, like me, do not live Saint Valentine’s day in a traditional way, with a dinner by candlelight and chapagn [...]


I was looking for an original idea to surprise my fiancée with an unconventional weekend, combining it with my passion for engines.
Gardemotions offered me in a moment the solution: one itinerary across the Garda hills driving a white Triumph Spitfire of 1966. Three amazing days in which we clocked up the miles listening to the engine roaring upwind. Equipped with a pic-nic basket, we stopped over all the beaches we got through along the way. And in the evenings, local inns and osterie. Exciting and captivating.


I approached Gardemotions in a moment of my life in which I was in need of finding an experience only for myself. To take a few special days all alone to challenge myself had been in the back of my mind for too long a time. But I was not brave enough. I was afraid of getting to a place where I had no clue how to move from one spot to the other and what exactly to visit when completely alone.
Indeed, I have to say that, Gardemotions’ team was fantastic in reassuring me and in creating a program totally tailor-made for me, who loves art. One week of museums and pop up exhibitions enhanced my self-esteem and creativity. Thank you Gardemotions. I owe you my rebirth.


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