A magical experience, that brings out of time for a few hours or for a whole day, is certainly engaging in the various types of adventure paths by the Rimbalzello Adventure Park. The three main ingredients are: the torrent Barbarano which, with its light flow, through jumps and small waterfalls, becomes the background sound during the whole stay; the direct contact with nature, such as shy squirrels that observe us and trees of any type that host our Tarzan launches; and, above all, Mattia, well-prepared and lovely master of the house, who leads with caution and passion, the little and the big adventurers, also capable to transform himself, when necessary, in a real pirate. That’s a real Notice to Skippers!

The Adventure Park is not a place where playing and having fun, or better saying, it is that really, but does not need to be intended as the classic place where a patch of land stolen to the lake or woods, is exploited to let a few families enjoying themselves in a loud way or together with many groups of boisterous guests.  The Rimbalzello Park is a place for educational sessions, where you can learn to be educated as per its Latin meaning “educere” that refers to leaving a mark, far before making someone laugh of joy when he/she does something for the very first time. The psychological upside, before the playful one, is that of challenging oneself, testing a few trials of fear such as abandoning on a lift that goes from tree to tree, trusting each other, while walking on bare foot and blindfolded, on a short zigzag suspended in the air path, holding hands of the adventuring companion. Or, simply looking in the eyes of the instructor who tells you that you can make it, abandoning yourself on a vine, suspended on a little void, because after that you are going to feel grown up and more confident about your strengths.

Therefore, our experiences in this magical place go from the accompaniment to the testing of many adventure paths for kids from 3 years old up to the “teenagers” of 80 years old and over! The walking in the wood and the descent on the water in full security for all components of a family describes fully what is called the River Experience. The painting laboratories among coloured wooden cottages and the birds’ chirping, the test of learning on security about how to use carabiners, harnesses, ropes and pulleys complete the offer.

All of this becomes a real mini life lesson about how to abandon oneself to a place immersed in a natural context, by learning the basic techniques. The sensorial paths that let anyone experience with hands and feet the direct contact with edgy shapes, natural materials, colours, bark fragments, grass and stones of different dimension develop the emotional intelligence.

Moreover, the green colour predominates everywhere, but together with a mix of yellow, red and blue, that enhances the curiosity of all kids. Therefore, the decorated cottages, creatively painted by the staff and the educators of the park, are so joyful that contribute to create the happy atmosphere of the place, in combination with a tasty ice cream and a salami sandwich delivered in one of these little houses!

The team building is here recreated in a familiar context, where the little ones are lead by parents or adults more in general, and the other way round, in a lovely exchange of roles that contributes to create a strong and light-hearted connection. Where time keeps still and tight like a rope’s slipknot, the laughing opens slowly on every mouth like the torrent’s water and laughter mix themselves with the sounds of nature.

Believing strongly in the power of time spent together, we recommend with enthusiasm this Kids and Family Experience, in every single version of it; to abandon for a few hours the bustle of the lake, plunged in nature and to learn security rules and the respect of our planet, as it shows to us, making us better persons. In conclusion, see you all at Rimbalzello Adventure Park this year!